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Winter Tyres

As we all know in Britain we don’t exactly receive the best weather and it’s certainly not consistent. As the sun or lack of in our case dies down, motorists start to debate wither they should purchase winter tyres.

There are many misconceptions surrounding winter tyres however if we all had them on our vehicles they could reduce road accidents in winter as drivers are six times more likely to crash because of icy road conditions or snow. By purchasing winter tyres you can tackle icy and cold weather with confidence.

What do winter tyres actually do and what are they?

Winter tyres are different to winter tyres because they don’t harden when the temperature drops which enables them to provide more stability for cars on winter roads. Winter are made purposely to work best in temperatures bellow 7 degrees and aren’t just for snow and ice. Another difference between regular tyres and winter tyres is that they have different tread patterns. The tread pattern is different as it is made to grip ice and snow whereas a normal tyre’s grip is made for contact with water.

When should I be changing my tyres?

You should aim to change to your Winter tyres at around October time when temperatures begin to drop. Usually in April the temperature should start to rise and signal the time for you to change back to your normal tyres. If you do not wish to change back to your normal tyres you don’t have to change them immediately but you may find that they are far too soft for driving with in summer.

Why are winter tyres not compulsory in the UK?

In some European countries winter tyres are compulsory as the weather conditions call for much more grip to the road for longer periods of time. One of the reasons why we do not forced to have winter tyres is because our climate isn’t cold enough to require them at all times. Some parts of the country may also never experience temperatures which warrant purchasing a set of tyres especially made for winter.

Another reason as to why winter tyres are not compulsory here in the UK is that usually as a nation try and avoid using our vehicles in the snow or in icy conditions so it would not be cost effective for motorists.

Storing winter tyres may also be a problem as people who live in flats may not have the space available. If you have a garage and can store them easily it’s not such as hassle. Winter tyres as a rule are more suited to countries which experience extreme temperatures all year round.

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