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Private Number Plates

Private or personalised number plates are also known as cherished number plates which hold sentimental value or spell a word the driver feels attached to. Initials are also very popular to have on number plates. These number plates usually stay with the person who owns it when they get a new car or they sell it as an extra with or separate from their vehicle. The UK’s first number plate which was released in 1903 and showed early signs of popularity. The first number plate read A1 and belonged to Mr Earl Russell after he waited outside London’s registration office all night to make sure that it was registered to the correct person.

Since 1962 the number plate has been compiled of combination of letters and numbers to show the year which the vehicle was registered.

Before the letter and number combination, number plates were dateless and used numbers with an alphabetic prefix or an alphabetic suffice which indicates the area which the vehicle was issued from.

The current number plate has two letters and two numbers which identify the year in which the vehicle was made for example BD07 would be released in the year 2007. The following letters usually have no meaning unless you have a private plate which could read BD07 BUG. The last three letters could be your initials or letters which are of a sentimental value.

Private plates are highly sought after as they not only disguise the year off the vehicle but also let everyone around you know who is driving the car. Some number plates are in higher demand than others so prices will vary. One of the most expensive private or personalised number plates is the X1 was advertised for £1,000,000. If you would like a private number plate on your lease car this is not a challenge but we will need to be notified so that this can be arranged for you. Prior to having your lease car delivered all the correct documents should be in place so that the private plate can simply be fitted to your vehicle. It is also your responsibility to remove the plate in good time before the end of the contract.

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