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4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot

What is Maintenance?

What is car maintenance and what does it include?

Maintenance is one of the most valuable and worth while options that you can add to your car leasing contract the reason for this is that the risk of paying for unplanned work to your car is underwritten and taken care of for you.

There are a number of reasons as to why you should consider maintenance. The key customer benefits of vehicle maintenance servicing cover are.

Maintenance package benefits

  • All maintenance invoices are paid for and processed
  • Fixed term budgeting
  • Access to a Service booing Line where we make all the service arrangements
  • Access to over 6,000 dealers in the UK and Northern Ireland

Tyre replacement cover

Tyre replacement cover is another optional extra which can make your motoring costs even cheaper and also has a number of worth while benefits.

Benefits of tyre replacement cover

  • Tyres replaced at 2mm tread depth as opposed to 1.6mm which is the standard UK limit on tyre depth.
  • Free mobile tyre fitting service available that can be bought to you at home or at work so you don’t have to travel to get your tyres replaced. You can book this service by appointment to make sure that you are available to have the new tyres fitted.
  • Scheduled Fleet Inspections
  • Premium Brand tyres fitted such as Continental and Bridgestone

Extra customer benefits include

  • You can also choose to have optional glass cover should you have any cracks in your windscreen and need them fixed this will be taken care of by the cover
  • Minimum hassle as there is one number which you need to call to rectify any challenges which you may have with your vehicle
  • Optional breakdown cover available.

Breakdown cover

Choosing to have breakdown cover is not only cost effective but it is also a weight off your shoulders should you feel calm should you breakdown at any time.

Usually breakdown cover packages will include;

  • Roadside assistance and if your car cannot be fixed on the spot it will then be taken to the nearest garage.
  • Home start- this is where the customer can receive the benefits of roadside recovery from their own home.

Relief vehicles

As an additional extra customers can choose the relief vehicle option which allows you to have a replacement car while their car is away for servicing or if it has been involved in an accident. This is also useful if you rely on a car on a daily basis as it will be much less stressful if you know that you can have a replacement without having to pay for it as it will be covered under the relief vehicle option.

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