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Car Servicing

You car is an important and complicated piece of machinery which transports you from A to B regularly. Many of us use our vehicles everyday which takes its toll on the car over a long period of time. Many drivers overlook servicing as they think that it is a waste of money however we believe that car servicing is essential as it will keep your car on top form. Maintaining your vehicle yourself can be much cheaper however if you do not have much knowledge on car servicing or any mechanical knowledge your car will suffer if you do not take it to a mechanic or garage. Car servicing requires specialist techniques that you can’t simply do in your garage unless you have it kitted out like one which most of us don’t.

If you think that the cost of car servicing is expensive you can always visit a local garage as the prices which they charge are usually much less and still do a fantastic job. Car servicing does vary in price from vehicle to vehicle. Luxury brands usually have the highest servicing costs.

When you have car service you can opt to have a full service or one which does not include changing parts such as oil filters etc. This is best if your vehicle has not had a service in some time and you would like to get it back to a good standard. Having your car serviced will not only keep your car in shape but it will definitely give you piece of mind.

During the warmer months car servicing is essential because the air conditioning will be in use much more frequently. Having your air filters changed when you have a service can also improve your fuel consumption as it allows air to pass through your vehicle more efficiently.

If you lease a vehicle you must follow the manual as to when you should have your vehicle leased and also you should only use an approved garage stated by the finance or leasing company.

Another advantage to leasing a vehicle is that you can choose to take up a maintenance package for a small amount each month this money each month will include your servicing and tyres and will save you having to pay for new tyres or servicing as it will simply be covered in the maintenance package.

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