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Smoking legislation

In the UK commercial vehicles are required to be smoke free at all times. If company vehicles are used to transport members of the public or if you are transporting colleagues to your place of work the vehicle should also be smoke free. Each vehicle should also display a smoke free sign.

Smoking any vehicle can result in car depreciation as non smokers will be especially bothered by the smell. If you are looking to sell your vehicle it is recommended to have a full valet before allowing visitors to come round. Purchasing a good quality air freshener will also get rid of the smell. Leaving your windows open can also help to remove the smell from your vehicle further. Fabric spray may also help to remove the smell.

Smoking in a leased car is not recommended as the smell is very noticeable and you may be charged by the finance company for returning it in an unfit state. Not only will the stench of smoke compromise the wear and tear guide but if you do choose to smoke in your vehicle and find that you burn a hole in the upholstery which will mean that you have repair this before you return the car. It is advisable to avoid smoking in your vehicle at all times as you want to return it in the best possible condition or you may find yourself paying extra money to the leasing company if it is damaged in any way.

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