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Automatic Cars

Automatic cars are not as popular as they are in the USA but they are now becoming more popular here in the UK. Automatic cars are much less distracting than manual vehicles you do not need to operate the gear stick, making them much easier to drive. Automatic vehicles don’t appeal to everyone but don’t count them out yet as there is more to them than meets the eye.

Aside from not having to change gears automatic cars don’t have a clutch, meaning that you will have less to think about. The only pedals you need to operate are the brake pedal and the accelerator. There is also usually a parking break, which must be released before starting the vehicle. Most automatics have around 4 different gear positions usually the four settings are Drive, Neutral, Park and Reverse.

Automatic cars are also especially popular with people who use their vehicles for towing because as they make it much easier to perform hill starts, ideal for those who tow caravans or trailers regularly.

Over the years automatic cars have been lowered in price as they have previously always been much more expensive than manual vehicles. Although automatic cars are becoming more popular many motorists feel that they are not actually experiencing the car or driving it.

Automatic vehicles can also be an easy solution for many people who simply do not enjoy changing gear, do not enjoy driving, and have a disability or who suffer from joint problems. Not only are they much easier to drive but they are also much safer for those people who are first learning to drive and find gears too hard.

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