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MoT (Ministry of Transportation Test)

For new drivers there are many things to remember before taking on the responsibility of a vehicle such as maintaining your vehicle. You must have it serviced , general maintenance like checking the oil and the one which most people worry about is their annual car MOT. You will also have to pay car tax annually.

MOTs are required annually when your vehicle is 3 years old or more. A qualified mechanic will carry out when you take your vehicle to have an MOT checks. Some of these include checking the level of emissions that are emitted from the exhaust and other general checks such as car tyres, lights. Should there be any challenges with your vehicle your car will fail its MOT. You can avoid your vehicle changing this by checking things such as your brake lights and your tyre tread. You can also check that your brakes work and that you have oil and other fluids topped up before going for your MOT.

Without a current MOT you can’t tax your vehicle which then means that you cannot drive it on public roads or park it on public streets. However if the beauty of leasing a vehicle is that if you have your car for 3 years you will not have to take it for an MOT as it will be picked up and returned before it is due an MOT.

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